Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OH NO!!! >w<

OMG >w<
Well, this was a real upsetting surprise....

I have heard from several sources that youtube is now removing cover songs from it's site!!! Many have already been taken down (even with disclaimers) making cover songs is my main 'job' on youtube, this worries me quite bit! O.O If they thought I was a big enough offender, I could even have my account deleted! And there's no appeal system as there is no way to actually contact youtube.

But even the removal of one video/cover is terrible...I don't get subscribers everyday just from random searches, I get them because my videos are spread out on thousands of accounts as favorites, featured videos, etc. and that's why people see if I lose a video, it's like losing a very long branch that took a very long time to grow....T-T

I'm stumped...I thought that making covers was perfectly legal as long as I was making no money that that it was all my own performances...but maybe that's breaking a law that I didn't know about. I can see the record company's point of view in this...they lose money if someone makes a cover song that gets more attention than their actual product. It's a valid worry of the record company, and a valid worry of the whole music biz, as their stock has already dropped considerably in the last 10 years due to readily available CD burners, and nowadays mp3 'sharing' ^w^ As I'm about to (try to) start a career as a recording artist, these very things will soon become valid worries of my own.

But....I believe going after people that make non-profit attacking the wrong people. However, since this may affect me pretty soon, I have to prepare!

I'll be making a full list of my contacts this week, leaving out no one, and if something bad does happen, I'll be contacting everyone on that list from a new account! T-T

Just a heads up from me...just in case!

*hugs tightly anyone that reads this*

~katethegreat19 ^w^

Monday, February 2, 2009

foam enables sooner album release!!! O.o plus other stuff ^_^

LOL it's true!!
Now that the room is soundproof, I can now record during the day and the night. Currently I am recording up to 6 hours a day! ^0^ Two album songs are now nearing completion after only a week. It's truly amazing!!! I feel very free. When I am done with the album and back to covers for a while, imagine how many I'll be releasing? ^0^ I'm very excited!!

The only problem with the new studio is that the air gets gross and stuffy very fast >w<
I have to walk out of there every 30 minutes or I'd suffocate for sure...or suffer brain damage at least! ^w^

I've been looking harshly at the songs on this album. I wrote all of them almost 2-4 years ago. I've written many songs and sets of lyrics since then, and my lyric writing has definitely improved. I'm worried that since many people are used to my youtube work, they won't like the lyrics of these older original songs. They were written by a younger me that hadn't really mastered her craft yet. The melodies however are some of my best work. I'm really excited to release them for no other reason than that.

Also, I want to release a Celtic/Renaissance album later this year as well. I spent much of my teenage years playing in a professional Celtic/Renaissance band, and I have a deep love of the
music!!!! ^0^ So that should be amazingly fun to do!

Okies...nothing too deep to say in this blog, just some updates!!! ^_^
talk to you all soon!!
~katethegreat19 ^0^