Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My cd will be done next month!

Wow, guys...

I'm really almost there xD I'm thinking if I keep all the deadlines that I'll be done recording the songs around the 23rd or the following week on the 30th (if I add a 13th song to the group)

After that will be the whirlwind of mastering, CD replication services, and hasty website building.
Dunno how long that will take, but I'm going to make sure it doesn't take too long! O.o After all, the hard part will be over ^0^

Mastering means I take my tracks to a pro sound engineer and have him make everything the same volume and create the 'master' which is the CD that all the replications will be made from.

The replication service will make the discs, print all the booklets and covers, and wrap everything in shiny celophane xD
I'm worried that too many people won't want the physical album in favor of downloads, but I'm putting a lot of love into the booklet's art so I hope some of you will try to get the actual thing ^0^;; pleeease?

1) there will be 13 songs on the album.

2) I will be releasing my performer/stage name along with the CD ^_^
I won't be using my real name or katethegreat19.

3) I have no plans currently to sell the album on itunes, because along with CD baby (the company that gets me on itunes) they will take 60 percent of my earnings. O.o So I'll be selling it on my website so that I can keep more of my income >_>

4) The album only will contain songs I've written and composed the melody for, so no covers and nothing you've ever heard before ^_^ (er...except for the cover of Scarborough Fair, but that's the only one and that's hundreds of years old so it's public domain ^_^ lol)

5) After it's release I will go back to doing the game and anime covers again ^0^
I miss them!


*hugs* and I hope to have something to show you guys really soon!!
~Kate <3