Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Stella Voci Members, Copyright Success, etc

Hi guys!! It's been a while!!
Sorry for not updating in forever, I do appreciate those of you who read my blog! *hugs u*

Well, the Stella Voci auditions are over with, and as I kinda was afraid of, there were quite a few feelings hurt from the results....I wish I knew how I could have done this differently so that no one would have gotten hurt because of it...>_> I wish I could have impressed on them that this wasn't really a singing competition per se...more of a search for certain voice types. With no way to explain what I was looking for, I couldn't specify this in the audition in advance...I probably will never judge anything again as I'm too involved with my large circle on youtube to risk the precious friendships I've worked so hard to build.
The one really good thing that came out of it was knowledge of many amazing singers I'd never even known about. Many of which are of record-deal talent! Some of the best singers were not accepted into Stella Voci because of their star quality, their voices beautifully demanding the listeners attention instead of blending with others. Only time will tell if I've made the right choices, but I think the sound of the next project will be beautiful, balanced, and ethereal...even more so than Stella's first song (if that's possible xD) Which is great since we're going to be singing something from the Lord of the Rings!

In other news, my tough talking boyfriend has coerced the copyright office into giving us info on all my songs! We should be getting the paperwork and registrations starting in January! This means album release is a DEFINITE for late spring! A YEAR later than I wanted, but there wasn't much I could do about it was there? >w< Oh well, at least things are finally moving for me!

Thankyou all for patiently staying with me during all this, I know it was getting annoying hearing about the numerous delays and excuses for them...and believe me no one was more annoyed than I was! Anyways DIGITAL CUPCAKES FOR ALL! Drink something alcoholic in celebration okies? I know I will!! >w<

~Kate <3

Friday, July 3, 2009

oh GAWD more updates TwT

Hey guys, I've got quite a bit to say since last time ^w^;;;

First off, I'm sure a bunch of you remember my angry little blog concerning one ocremix-judge's off-the-record harsh critique of my Aerith's Theme. Well all the support you guys gave at the time made me really happy and at peace with it....however my submission of Rose of May hadn't gone though yet at the time...
After almost half a year, I was very surprised to notice it had not only gotten passed but received rave reviews from the judges in general xD Read here: xD

The techinical problems that the track had were fixed by my friend who is very knowledgable with sound production, so she brought the levels up and did a few other things ^_^ Thanks!
So...I guess I am an ocremixer officially now. ^w^;;; I knew I had sworn off from ever dealing with the site, but...I guess now I will submit the rest xD eh heh...

Okay update two, and this is quite a blow for me >_>
My songs are still not showing up the copyright records. They say that my songs are protected from the day they arrive...but when I called and asked, they could only find 4 songs on the internal database...FOUR out of THIRTEEN. These are songs I sent almost a year ago! They did however cash the checks...the robbers! They say that the wait is 18 months now for a copyright sent by mail >_>
The problem is...If I released the album...and some company decided to steal the songs, all they'd have to do is file electronically and they'd have legal copyrights before me...TwT
So I must at least have all my songs showing in the database before the release...and that might not be till next year guys >_> Plus the CD replication companies won't print the CD unless the songs are showing in the public records and I have the written registration letter for each song from the Goverment to show them....I AM THOROUGHLY PISSED ABOUT THIS! I totally sent the songs in enough time....TwT Right now I am afraid people are going to be really disgusted with me and this whole'm going to go ahead and finish...and then I'm getting right back to my video game covers again which brings me to my next update:

Tifa's Theme lyrics are all done! Lol actually they've been done for two months xD I know it's been a big request and I'm very happy I'll be able to put it out soon! I'm having JoyStickies (grand prize winner of my AMV contest) make the video, and it will be put out as a celebration cover for when I hit 10,000 subs! xD which won't be long at the rate things are going O.O...

I had a strange problem though! I had finished the lyrics mostly two months ago, and had just brought them back up to finish...I did so...and then I wanted to check online at the other Tifa's Theme fan-lyrics online to double check that there were no similarities. Imagine my horror when I found a lyric that had been posted just days ago that started with the SAME first line >w<>_> this was 100 percent coincidence TwT But I was sooo relieved when she was really nice about it..she even had requested I sing the theme just a few weeks ago as a lyrical collab with her (I had forgotten about this TwT) and when I said I already had written lyrics and suggested that she write her own and sing them, she really did so and did a great job!
We just happened to have a similar good idea for that first verse xD
But wow, I never had that happen JoyStickies' made me headdesk >w<
I will post a link to her lyrics with the cover I put out so you can enjoy her lovely lyrics as well ^_^

Hmm that might be all I have for now ^w^;;;
thanks for reading as usual!
~Kate <33

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My cd will be done next month!

Wow, guys...

I'm really almost there xD I'm thinking if I keep all the deadlines that I'll be done recording the songs around the 23rd or the following week on the 30th (if I add a 13th song to the group)

After that will be the whirlwind of mastering, CD replication services, and hasty website building.
Dunno how long that will take, but I'm going to make sure it doesn't take too long! O.o After all, the hard part will be over ^0^

Mastering means I take my tracks to a pro sound engineer and have him make everything the same volume and create the 'master' which is the CD that all the replications will be made from.

The replication service will make the discs, print all the booklets and covers, and wrap everything in shiny celophane xD
I'm worried that too many people won't want the physical album in favor of downloads, but I'm putting a lot of love into the booklet's art so I hope some of you will try to get the actual thing ^0^;; pleeease?

1) there will be 13 songs on the album.

2) I will be releasing my performer/stage name along with the CD ^_^
I won't be using my real name or katethegreat19.

3) I have no plans currently to sell the album on itunes, because along with CD baby (the company that gets me on itunes) they will take 60 percent of my earnings. O.o So I'll be selling it on my website so that I can keep more of my income >_>

4) The album only will contain songs I've written and composed the melody for, so no covers and nothing you've ever heard before ^_^ (er...except for the cover of Scarborough Fair, but that's the only one and that's hundreds of years old so it's public domain ^_^ lol)

5) After it's release I will go back to doing the game and anime covers again ^0^
I miss them!


*hugs* and I hope to have something to show you guys really soon!!
~Kate <3

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OH NO!!! >w<

OMG >w<
Well, this was a real upsetting surprise....

I have heard from several sources that youtube is now removing cover songs from it's site!!! Many have already been taken down (even with disclaimers) making cover songs is my main 'job' on youtube, this worries me quite bit! O.O If they thought I was a big enough offender, I could even have my account deleted! And there's no appeal system as there is no way to actually contact youtube.

But even the removal of one video/cover is terrible...I don't get subscribers everyday just from random searches, I get them because my videos are spread out on thousands of accounts as favorites, featured videos, etc. and that's why people see if I lose a video, it's like losing a very long branch that took a very long time to grow....T-T

I'm stumped...I thought that making covers was perfectly legal as long as I was making no money that that it was all my own performances...but maybe that's breaking a law that I didn't know about. I can see the record company's point of view in this...they lose money if someone makes a cover song that gets more attention than their actual product. It's a valid worry of the record company, and a valid worry of the whole music biz, as their stock has already dropped considerably in the last 10 years due to readily available CD burners, and nowadays mp3 'sharing' ^w^ As I'm about to (try to) start a career as a recording artist, these very things will soon become valid worries of my own.

But....I believe going after people that make non-profit attacking the wrong people. However, since this may affect me pretty soon, I have to prepare!

I'll be making a full list of my contacts this week, leaving out no one, and if something bad does happen, I'll be contacting everyone on that list from a new account! T-T

Just a heads up from me...just in case!

*hugs tightly anyone that reads this*

~katethegreat19 ^w^

Monday, February 2, 2009

foam enables sooner album release!!! O.o plus other stuff ^_^

LOL it's true!!
Now that the room is soundproof, I can now record during the day and the night. Currently I am recording up to 6 hours a day! ^0^ Two album songs are now nearing completion after only a week. It's truly amazing!!! I feel very free. When I am done with the album and back to covers for a while, imagine how many I'll be releasing? ^0^ I'm very excited!!

The only problem with the new studio is that the air gets gross and stuffy very fast >w<
I have to walk out of there every 30 minutes or I'd suffocate for sure...or suffer brain damage at least! ^w^

I've been looking harshly at the songs on this album. I wrote all of them almost 2-4 years ago. I've written many songs and sets of lyrics since then, and my lyric writing has definitely improved. I'm worried that since many people are used to my youtube work, they won't like the lyrics of these older original songs. They were written by a younger me that hadn't really mastered her craft yet. The melodies however are some of my best work. I'm really excited to release them for no other reason than that.

Also, I want to release a Celtic/Renaissance album later this year as well. I spent much of my teenage years playing in a professional Celtic/Renaissance band, and I have a deep love of the
music!!!! ^0^ So that should be amazingly fun to do!

Okies...nothing too deep to say in this blog, just some updates!!! ^_^
talk to you all soon!!
~katethegreat19 ^0^

Friday, January 2, 2009

Analysis of my lyrics for Aerith's Theme (and my views on the shipping wars)

Wow....Of all my covers, Aerith's Theme has been the most hotly discussed on youtube. Not because of the arrangement or the singing, but because of the lyrics, specifically the "pairing" in the lyrics of Cloud and Aerith. First I'll give an analysis of my lyrics for the song, and then some thoughts and reflections I have about the 'shipping wars' that have found their way to my little account ^w^;

~Aerith's Theme~ original english lyrics copyrighted 2008 by Kate Covington~

Far below the city's glow
Lie the flowers blooming in the shadows
They comfort me, saving me
From all I see

~okay, here of course I'm talking about where Aerith is in the beginning of FFVII. In the slums, tending to her flowers. The flowers are something colorful and beautiful, and unexpected sight in such an otherwise dreary and poverty-stricken place. When Aerith (or anyone) gazes upon the flowers, it becomes easier to deal with the sorrow everyday life must bring in the undercity of Midgar. I also wanted to hint that Aerith is like the flowers, and that her beautiful spirit probably brings joy to the people around her.

Then you came with eyes of pain
Haunting blue and gentle
Like a spring rain
Silently beckoning
For a love to cease your inner tears

~Here I introduce Cloud. For many, the conflict in the lyrics begins here, as I am talking about Cloud, not Zack. In a nutshell, I put Cloud in these lyrics because he really did come into the story at this point, and I am attempting to follow the events of the original FFVII in the story of these lyrics. When Cloud enters the scene, Aerith is basically swept away from her life in Midgar, and leaves with the party never to return. I always felt like Aerith, compassionate as she was, must have sensed the sorrow and turmoil within Cloud. And whether or not she had romantic feelings for him ever, I believe she cared for him, as she cared for everyone in the party.

I belong here with you
Though the earth cries inside me
I will fly
High into the storm
Far from the light
I will be strong

~ She wants to remain with everyone, but because she loves them so much, she bravely enters the City of Ancients alone to summon Holy. I reference her awakening Cetra powers here. The faint but persistent voice of the planet that led her onward.

Because they need you
Because I love you
You close your eyes now
I will be gone
But my love for you will go on

~inspired by the dream Cloud had of Aerith in the game. She comes to him in a dream and tries to explain to him what she must do and why. I feel like this verse sums up what she said to Cloud in that dream.

Darkest skies,
hollow eyes
But the stars burn brighter Than you realize
It may be
That sheds our tears

~This is after Aerith's death. If her spirit could find words I feel this is what she'd say. Even in the midst of darkness and sorrow there is light. Even though Aerith is no longer alive, she succeeded in summoning Holy so there is still hope! And all was fate, destiny, meant to be.

You must leave me behind
Though the night howls inside you
You must fly
High into the storm
Far from the light
You must be strong

~When Cloud lowered Aerith's body into the water, it is with heavy hearts that the party strode foward to face their own destiny. I think everyone felt Aerith's supportive presence even from the lifestream.

Because they need you
Because I love you
You close your eyes now
And I will be gone
But my love for you will go on

~ After Cloud uses Omnislash (^0^) to defeat Sephiroth (and it's unclear whether Cloud is defeating the Jenova legacy within himself, or actually confronting Sephiroth in the lifestream somehow) Aerith appears before Cloud to lead him out of whatever dark place he's in. In that last look they shared what thoughts must Aerith have shared? I leave the song with it's last chorus.

~The Shipping War Attacks On My Lyrics~

Well, although many would disagree with me, I have not actively tried to portray a CloudxAerith romance in these lyrics. I tried to keep Aerith just as she appeared to me when I first played FFVII. Pure....and a bit ambiguous. She gives away nothing in these lyrics. And yet she gives away everything. She was a loving person, which is why the lyrics focus on love; the driving force behind many of her actions. But not particularly a romantic love or for any one person in particular. A love for everyone. For Cloud, for Tifa, for Marlene, for everyone.

The video I made for the song shows only Cloud and Aerith. This confuses people unfortunately. I didn't mean it to show a romance. I meant it to show the powerful effect that Aerith had on Cloud (which reflects the effect she had on everyone). So while the song is from Aerith's point of view, the video is from Clouds point of view. ^_^
link to the video:

~katethegreat19 ^0^