Friday, January 2, 2009

Analysis of my lyrics for Aerith's Theme (and my views on the shipping wars)

Wow....Of all my covers, Aerith's Theme has been the most hotly discussed on youtube. Not because of the arrangement or the singing, but because of the lyrics, specifically the "pairing" in the lyrics of Cloud and Aerith. First I'll give an analysis of my lyrics for the song, and then some thoughts and reflections I have about the 'shipping wars' that have found their way to my little account ^w^;

~Aerith's Theme~ original english lyrics copyrighted 2008 by Kate Covington~

Far below the city's glow
Lie the flowers blooming in the shadows
They comfort me, saving me
From all I see

~okay, here of course I'm talking about where Aerith is in the beginning of FFVII. In the slums, tending to her flowers. The flowers are something colorful and beautiful, and unexpected sight in such an otherwise dreary and poverty-stricken place. When Aerith (or anyone) gazes upon the flowers, it becomes easier to deal with the sorrow everyday life must bring in the undercity of Midgar. I also wanted to hint that Aerith is like the flowers, and that her beautiful spirit probably brings joy to the people around her.

Then you came with eyes of pain
Haunting blue and gentle
Like a spring rain
Silently beckoning
For a love to cease your inner tears

~Here I introduce Cloud. For many, the conflict in the lyrics begins here, as I am talking about Cloud, not Zack. In a nutshell, I put Cloud in these lyrics because he really did come into the story at this point, and I am attempting to follow the events of the original FFVII in the story of these lyrics. When Cloud enters the scene, Aerith is basically swept away from her life in Midgar, and leaves with the party never to return. I always felt like Aerith, compassionate as she was, must have sensed the sorrow and turmoil within Cloud. And whether or not she had romantic feelings for him ever, I believe she cared for him, as she cared for everyone in the party.

I belong here with you
Though the earth cries inside me
I will fly
High into the storm
Far from the light
I will be strong

~ She wants to remain with everyone, but because she loves them so much, she bravely enters the City of Ancients alone to summon Holy. I reference her awakening Cetra powers here. The faint but persistent voice of the planet that led her onward.

Because they need you
Because I love you
You close your eyes now
I will be gone
But my love for you will go on

~inspired by the dream Cloud had of Aerith in the game. She comes to him in a dream and tries to explain to him what she must do and why. I feel like this verse sums up what she said to Cloud in that dream.

Darkest skies,
hollow eyes
But the stars burn brighter Than you realize
It may be
That sheds our tears

~This is after Aerith's death. If her spirit could find words I feel this is what she'd say. Even in the midst of darkness and sorrow there is light. Even though Aerith is no longer alive, she succeeded in summoning Holy so there is still hope! And all was fate, destiny, meant to be.

You must leave me behind
Though the night howls inside you
You must fly
High into the storm
Far from the light
You must be strong

~When Cloud lowered Aerith's body into the water, it is with heavy hearts that the party strode foward to face their own destiny. I think everyone felt Aerith's supportive presence even from the lifestream.

Because they need you
Because I love you
You close your eyes now
And I will be gone
But my love for you will go on

~ After Cloud uses Omnislash (^0^) to defeat Sephiroth (and it's unclear whether Cloud is defeating the Jenova legacy within himself, or actually confronting Sephiroth in the lifestream somehow) Aerith appears before Cloud to lead him out of whatever dark place he's in. In that last look they shared what thoughts must Aerith have shared? I leave the song with it's last chorus.

~The Shipping War Attacks On My Lyrics~

Well, although many would disagree with me, I have not actively tried to portray a CloudxAerith romance in these lyrics. I tried to keep Aerith just as she appeared to me when I first played FFVII. Pure....and a bit ambiguous. She gives away nothing in these lyrics. And yet she gives away everything. She was a loving person, which is why the lyrics focus on love; the driving force behind many of her actions. But not particularly a romantic love or for any one person in particular. A love for everyone. For Cloud, for Tifa, for Marlene, for everyone.

The video I made for the song shows only Cloud and Aerith. This confuses people unfortunately. I didn't mean it to show a romance. I meant it to show the powerful effect that Aerith had on Cloud (which reflects the effect she had on everyone). So while the song is from Aerith's point of view, the video is from Clouds point of view. ^_^
link to the video:

~katethegreat19 ^0^


  1. Aww these lyrics are simply AMAZING!

    I saw clearly Aerith and Cloud in your lyrics, I guess it's cause when I first played FF7 I was very young, and I just saw what is obvious (Aerith and Cloud have at least special friends), but I didn't understand Zack's story at all xD. Playing Crisis Core has helped me to understand Aerith and Zack a bit more.

    Thanks for this analysis, I love it! I'm looking forward for your next one :>

    Bye Kate~~!

  2. First of all, I'd like to thank katethegreat for this song with great lyrics. Your knowlegde about Final Fantasy is large, so I am wondering if you did play Final Fantasy?

    Cloud is not the first love of Aeris, it was Zack (if you play Crisis Core, you will know how lady-killer Zack is). Between those two heroes, I prefer Cloud because of his characteristics. He is little shy to let his feeling show, he always cares about the others. It's difficult to choose Aeris or Tifa. But different from Tifa, Aeris is a bit more active and often expresses her feeling toward Cloud.

    In my point of view, the love between Cloud and Aeris is pure and bright. They are the best couple ever.

  3. Your version of aerith theme is definitely a good one. i definitely heart it, and your lyrics just make this song even beautiful.
    She's a kind-hearted person and i love her~

    PS: You are perfect from any aspect...drawing , singing, EYES! haha, don't mind it =D

    Good luck on your CD and when its out, i'll buy it! 4 SURE!

  4. When I first listened to your version of Aerith's theme, it was easy to draw the conclusion that you meant for it to be a love song about Cloud and Aerith.

    And, without putting down the mere idea of a relationship of that nature between them, I'm too much of a stickler to canon(of any series! it's not something I like, either. I wish I had a bit more imagination at times)not to be disappointed at the inaccuracy.

    But after listening a few more times, and then reading your analysis, I got to like it more and more, and understood that the love expressed through the lyrics and music extended to others as well.

    So to me, it's win/win. Fans like me, who prefer canon and can be a bit rigid, as well as fans who fancy Cloud and Aerith would have been good together had they gotten a chance, can enjoy it.

    Thank you for letting us hear this. ^^

    (By far, I must say that your Rose of May and You're Not Alone are my favorite submissions. I love that game, its characters, and was floored by your versions of these tracks.)

  5. kate. will u do the covers for Terra (ff6) as well. she is also a great character.. that game itself hv good characters development.. wish to hear the theme with lyrics..

  6. It's pretty silly what people choose to get uppity about. Instead of looking at the larger picture... what the song is really about... they focus on one little interpretation and run wild. Your lyrics are beautiful and I think they fit Aerith's personality and feelings perfectly. Thank you so much for this song. Keep on rockin'. :)