Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Ten Most Beautiful Things I've Seen on Youtube

I've been wanting to do a video like this for ages, but a blog is way better for this sort of thing! ^0^ These Ten Videos have all made extreme impressions on me for reasons sometimes even I can't explain! They're just simply beautiful! (and btw these are not in order...I can't put things this gorgeous in any sort of order ^w^)

I hope you'll like them too! ^0^

1) Ballad of the Windfish Cover ~ uploaded by ZPDKPGirl
~point of beauty - absolutely ethereal singing along with one gorgeous melody O.O
2) In My Arms ~ uploaded by YunieTidus20
~point of beauty - The amazing AMV I watched that originally made me want to join youtube.
3) Fields of Hope ~ uploaded by tinkerchel
~point of beauty - tinkerchel, just another youtube idol? NOT SO! Easily the most beautiful song on youtube sung by perhaps the most beautiful girl on youtube! ^0^
(note, she has made a music video of herself to go with the song, which does not show her singing, but she HAS actually sung this as well as many other songs)
4) Lineage II Music Video - Kokia "Harmony" ~ uploaded by darkloony
~point of beauty - where do I start? ^0^ Stunning song, Stunning AMV
5) Skimming Stones ~
~point of beauty - This IS the most beautiful song I have ever heard. The official music video to this makes me cry whenever i see it. Might take two watchings to understand everything.
6) Toki No Hourousha (with lyrics) ~ uploaded by AlthenaofDarkness
~point of beauty - Outstanding slideshow to the vocal version of FF6's Terra's theme (can a slideshow be outstanding you ask?! OMG YES!!!!)
7) Emily Jane White - Two shots to the head (Cover)
~uploaded by a littledreamer
~point of beauty - I'll surely lose some subscribers over this amazing little singer, who's honest and 'darkly innocent' way of singing has a way of getting deep inside your soul. A beautiful cover!
8) Great Warrior - Final Fantasy VII ~ fan vocal version (Red XIII's theme, Cosmo Canyon) ~ uploaded by HollowRiku
~ point of beauty - The ONLY lyricised version of RedXIII's Theme in exsistence. Beautifully executed with haunting vocals and lyrics by the piano-man himself, HollowRiku!!
*bows to HollowRiku*
9) Dark Waltz ~ uploaded by ToruFinalFantasy
~point of beauty - hands down the best AMV I have ever seen...and all her vids are of similar beauty! A recent winner in my AMV contest ^0^
10) Hijo de la Luna - Final Fantasy X-2 - VII ~ uploaded by JulietLenne
~ point of beauty - beautiful sad song with an extremely well done AMV showing the story with scenes from Final Fantasy! VERY WELL DONE!! xD
~katethegreat19 ^0^


  1. O m g!
    Kate, what should I say!? O_O You're ALWAAYS so kind with me! My cover doesn't deserve to be in this list (but it is! xD) and you don't know how much I appreciate this!! I feel so happy for having one of your points of beauty *-*
    Thanks for all your support, I truly owe you a lot!

    You don't have to bow to me! You're doing it the wrong way! *Hollow bows to Kate x 50 times*.
    Now it's OK =P!

    I've seen all the vids you've posted and I love them! "In My Arms" AMV is so beautiful! *_*
    I also love Hijo de la Luna!
    I'm thinking on playing and singing it one of these days; would you like to do an AMV for it? It would be an honor for me but I don't want you to feel obligued! and maybe you prefer to do it using a FF song and not this one =3
    You know I can always use my camera and record my piano, so don't worry xDD

    Ja ne, Kate!!!! I'm sure your vids fill at least half of my top ten most beautiful things I've seen on youtube!~~

  2. Hi Kate! I've realized it will be hard to make an AMV for "Hijo de la Luna" following the story (there's one already made!) and the song is too long so I prefer to save my Kate's AMV ticket (lol) for a FF cover =3

    I'm sorry for spamming your blog xD (delete this message once you've readen it =P). I'll let you know when I've uploaded the song!

    By the way, Happy new year! :D