Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Stella Voci Members, Copyright Success, etc

Hi guys!! It's been a while!!
Sorry for not updating in forever, I do appreciate those of you who read my blog! *hugs u*

Well, the Stella Voci auditions are over with, and as I kinda was afraid of, there were quite a few feelings hurt from the results....I wish I knew how I could have done this differently so that no one would have gotten hurt because of it...>_> I wish I could have impressed on them that this wasn't really a singing competition per se...more of a search for certain voice types. With no way to explain what I was looking for, I couldn't specify this in the audition in advance...I probably will never judge anything again as I'm too involved with my large circle on youtube to risk the precious friendships I've worked so hard to build.
The one really good thing that came out of it was knowledge of many amazing singers I'd never even known about. Many of which are of record-deal talent! Some of the best singers were not accepted into Stella Voci because of their star quality, their voices beautifully demanding the listeners attention instead of blending with others. Only time will tell if I've made the right choices, but I think the sound of the next project will be beautiful, balanced, and ethereal...even more so than Stella's first song (if that's possible xD) Which is great since we're going to be singing something from the Lord of the Rings!

In other news, my tough talking boyfriend has coerced the copyright office into giving us info on all my songs! We should be getting the paperwork and registrations starting in January! This means album release is a DEFINITE for late spring! A YEAR later than I wanted, but there wasn't much I could do about it was there? >w< Oh well, at least things are finally moving for me!

Thankyou all for patiently staying with me during all this, I know it was getting annoying hearing about the numerous delays and excuses for them...and believe me no one was more annoyed than I was! Anyways DIGITAL CUPCAKES FOR ALL! Drink something alcoholic in celebration okies? I know I will!! >w<

~Kate <3


  1. Hi! Don't worry about the auditions! They all knew joining Stella Vocci was hard, so noone is going to blame you for not chosing them =P!! You've done an excellent job choosing the 6 new members, I can't wait to see how you all sound together *__*!

    Omggg, some album newws!! Having a release date feels so good~ (even if we must wait some more months to have it xD) But I know the wait is worth it!

    See youu Kate!

  2. I look forward to Stella Vocis new song! :D
    Keep up the great work!

  3. I thought the people you picked were amazing, you did an excellent job. Too bad for the people who got hurt, but it's all ok. That's just life.

    I can't WAIT for your album. I am a big fan of all of your music and am excited to hear more.

  4. hi kate! i can't wait for SV's new song. in regards to the cd: i'm gonna buy it as soon as it comes out ^0^ yay!

  5. Lord of the Rings huh? That sounds awesome. I loved Stella Voci's Version of Scarborough Fair, and can't wait to hear more. Good Luck with your album!

  6. Lord of the Rings? Ooooh, have to hear that, I'll tell Emma as well, she LOVES LOTR. Can't wait to hear it!! Congrats on your CD!!!!

  7. I'm glad that I didn't participate in the audition, or I'll be sad for not getting the position.

    Congrats. on getting copyright thingy successful.

    (it's my first time commenting here, but I'm stranger0213 in youtube)

  8. That's so cute that your boyfriend stood up for you like that! I can imagine you talking ever so sweetly on the phone and them just walking all over you :( and then he comes to the rescue :D
    If they still give you a tough time, post their phone number and all your fans will give 'em hell!

  9. Speaking as someone who did audition..I think you made amazing choices. I was initially a bit upset...Not because you didn't choose me, but because I thought I coulda done better. I think you went about everything in a good way, and if anyone was really hurt by it...They're way too sensitive. They'll get over it. Also..REALLLY looking forward to the next project by Stella Voci. Thank you again for the opportunity to audition (this is ProdigyAngel by the way)

  10. well i came a little late but no the less.. i just wanned you to know that you have all the support from me, and that in auditions that tend to happen. plus i kind have an idea of what you were looking for and thats hard to find, regarless the talent of the person...
    me? well am waitting more stella voci and you releases.. ^_^ and waitting for your album.. OMG cant wait!!!

  11. Hey, Kate, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your work! I stumbled across your arrangement of FF9's "The Place I'll Return To Someday" in a YouTube playlist and absolutely loved it. Congrats on your undertakings, keep up the good work, and do me a favor (please) and add me to your contacts so you can direct me to your stuff in case anything ever happens (ahem, YouTube runners)!


  12. It is necessary to update this space! You have it left! Certainly, I wish a lot of luck you with your disc! Let's hope that it comes to Spain! >o<