Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taste testing Sakuma Drops!

So, I recently ordered some of Japan's fabled Sakma Drop candies to try! There weren't a whole lot of "reviews" on these candies online so I thought I'd do a little taste test blog :D For those who dont know Sakuma Drops have been made in Japan for over 100 years, starting with fruit flavors (as seen on Grave of the Fireflies) and branching out to many different sweet and savory flavors. They are supposed to accurately replicate the flavor of various foods from different regions of Japan.

I ordered four flavors: Moe Sweet Milk (from Akihabara), Yaki Curry (from Mojiko), Choco Banana Crepe (Harajuku), and Takoyaki (Osaka).

I'll start with the Moe Sweet Milk:
Starts off very sweet with a slight coconut flavor, starts to really taste like sweet milk after a few minutes. Definitely a strict candy though!

Next the Yaki-Curry:

Starts off sweet like a candy with salty soy sauce hints. Deepens into a delicious sweet/salty taste with smoky overtones. I never really taste anything resembling curry, but it's a nice taste.

Next the Takoyaki:

Tastes only slightly sweet at first, then immediately gets smoky flavored. I taste kombu (japanese seaweed) after a minute and the drop gets sweeter. Another minute brings salt into it. A very understated taste, pleasant but not something I'll get again ^w^;

Next the Choco Banana Crepe:

Tastes immediately of bananas and chocolate, very accurate! After a few minutes starts to taste slightly like salted nuts. Quite delicious!

Overall the candies are smooth, subtle, and tasty, and I can tell the ingredients are good ^^ I'll be ordering new flavors at some point in the near future!


  1. Hello dear missing lady :)
    ¿Where did you order this cool little sweeties? Now I feel hungry (and I have just had breakfast) xD
    I'd like to taste choco-banana and curry hmmmm~~
    I have never ordered online before but I'd like to, I feel a bit scared maybe...

    Kiss from Spain ^^

  2. <3 Have you ever tried the actual fruit flavored ones from Grave of Fireflies? They have simple fruit flavors, but are delicious! I've always wanted to try the green tea kinds =<